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ecosan introduction course in Norway (2005)
The Agricultural University of Norway (NLH) offers different courses which include ecological sanitation in their curricula. The schedule presented here refers to the course “Appropriate sanitation in the developing world” - a 5-day course for both professionals and students.
advanced training course in Sweden (2005)
This 3 plus 2 weeks advanced ecosan training course by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and funded by SIDA, Sweden, is aimed at professionals (engaged in town planning, water supply, waste management, and socio-economic development), researchers and trainers (in the field of environmental sanitation), and key persons (e.g. engaged in NGOs with projects related to improved sanitation and water supply). The course schedule is presented here, and gives an overview of its scope, structure and content.
ecosan symposium in Syria (2005)
The symposium on ecosan was organised by the Syrian order of engineers, the University of Damascus, and the GTZ for water professionals in 2005. It provided a general introduction to ecosan, draws on local experience, (e.g. from wetlands designed to produce hygienic safe irrigation water from waste water), and included a case study excursion.
Capacity development for ecosan (Seecon, ESF, GTZ)

This interactive curriculum on ecosan is meant for university and college teachers and students, but also planners, architects, engineers, investors, decision making bodies such as communities, public administration, NGOs, development organisations, or simply interested persons. This is on of the first comprehensive compilations of ecosan related material, structured into an curriculum. The development of the curriculum was undertaken by Johannes Heeb (IEES), Petter D. Jenssen (UMB), Ken Gnanakan (ACTS) and Katharina Conradin (SEECON) and financed by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).

ecosan workshop in Eritrea (2005)
This in-depth Workshop on Ecological Sanitation was aimed principally at representatives from the Water Resources Department under the Ministry of Land, Water and Environment (MoLWE), but was also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health and other local authorities. The workshop was planned to be a forum for presenting the roles and responsibilities of the different authorities on national level with regard to sanitation, discussing the overlap of roles in sanitation issues. It addressed the existing sanitation situation in the country, and presented the ecosan concept, along with its potential to improve the current situation.
ecosan workshop in Zambia (2004)
This 3-day workshop was organised by the Water and Sanitation Association of Zambia (WASAZA), with the support of GTZ. It was intended as an initial awareness raising and capacity building activity for experts and decision-makers in water supply and sanitation in Zambia, and was attended by a broad cross sectoral group of national participants, from both governmental and non-governmental organisations. At the same time, the attendance of regional ecosan experts ensured that it served to support regional networking between ecosan initiatives and pilot projects in Southern African countries.
ecosan workshop in El Salvador (2003)
This is an example of a 4-day ecosan workshop organized by Oikos and WASTE in co-operation with GTZ and others to consolidate the link between organisations, which have realized ecosan projects and activities in Latin-America.

The programme was designed to expose different components of an ecosan system each day, providing those who were unfamiliar with the topic, with a clear idea of the principles of ecological sanitation and the problems of conventional systems. It combined presentations of experiences in ecosan and practical exercises.
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