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Journals from partners
In this section journals are kindly provided by partner organisations.

Eawag - Sandec News
Eawag Sandec NewsThe department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries (Sandec) from Eawag publishes a free newsletter which aims at informing readers about Sandec's research activities in the fields of affordable water treatment, sanitation and solid waste management in developing countries, and at finding potential partners for its research projects.

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EcoSan Club - Sustainable Sanitation Practice
EcoSan Club publishes quarterly the free journal "Sustainable Sanitation Practice" (SSP).

With SSP EcoSan Club tries to make available high quality information on practical experiences with available sustainable sanitation systems. SSP should fill a gap that they have identified in the last few years in which sustainable sanitation has become an important issue that is discussed among many disciplines. For SSP a sanitation system is sustainable when it is not only economically viable, socially acceptable and technically and institutionally appropriate, but it should also protect the environment and the natural resources. SSP is therefore fully in line with SuSanA.

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Transworld Publishers Limited - Africa Water and Sanitation

Africa Water and Sanitation is a bi-monthly magazine and is designed to address Africa’s water and sanitation issues, look for solutions and strategise for the future’s long term sustainability for water resources development. It is a hub of knowledge sharing and development and also dissemination of information to all the stakeholders in the water sector down to the community level. The publication also focuses on a vast array of environmental and health lists that may periodically address water resources issues.

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