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Find links to sanitation publication databases from partners and other organisations below.
Eawag - Sandec publication database
The  database contains Sandec publications assigned to eight different research topics concerning water and sanitation in developing countries and the Sandec newsletter.

Click here to access the database:

IRC publication database

IRC’s Digital Library is unique in the WASH sector. It has 13,000 full text documents ready to use and is daily updated.  Information can be retrieved by subject, author, title, publisher, date and type of publication.

Click here to access the database: http://www.washdoc.info/

SNV Biogas database
This library hosts an extensive choice of domestic biogas reports from around the world domestic biogas.  

Click here to access the database: >>www.snvworld.org 
Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox
The library of the Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox provides an extensive collection of documents on sanitation and water topics. Among those are journal articles, books, training materials, case studies, PowerPoint presentations and web links. Documents are additionally linked to factsheets on various topics.
Click here to access the database: http://www.sswm.info/library
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Key Technical Resources
In this technical resources database you will find hand picked references for water, sanitation and hygiene subject areas ranging from well construction, school hygiene promotion, water treatment, water quality testing, emergency sanitation, water saving toilets, hand pumps, to centrifugal pumps. Altogether, approx. 1,000 documents are availabe. 

Click here to access the data base: >>http://www.watersanitationhygiene.org/References/Technical%20Resources.htm
WEDC knowledge database
Own resources from the Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) at Loughborough University, UK are available as download free of charge. These include 150 books, over 1,700 conference papers and hundreds of other key knowledge outputs in water, sanitation and infrastructure. WEDC aims to meet the needs and demands for knowledge from policymakers to practitioners. You also can purchase printed editions from the online bookshop.  

Click here to access the database: >>http://wedc.lboro.ac.uk/knowledge/know.html
WSP literature database
The Worldbank Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP) provides a database with over 1,100 documents on water and sanitation.  

Click here to access the database: http://www.wsp.org/wsp/library

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