SuSanA meetings in 2007

Nov. 2007 (New Delhi, No. 4)

During the 4th SuSanA meeting in November 2007 in New Delhi, India, right after the World Toilet Summit, the current state and progress of the different thematic working groups was discussed, with emphasis on proposed deliverables, terms of references and potential partners. Hence an in-depth discussion took place on the different vision documents of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) funding aspects, knowledge management, communication and upcoming events. Several SuSanA working group meetings flanked the SuSanA steering group meeting.

Aug. 2007 (Stockholm, No. 3)

At the 3rd SuSanA meeting in August 2007 in Stockholm shortly before the World Water Week the number of participating organisations again increased considerably. Around 90 participants from more than 50 multi- and bilateral organisations, NGOs and research institutions discussed the current status and first results of the working groups and elaborated a joint SuSanA statement which was endorsed by the whole group. Aim of this joint SuSanA statement is to clarify the goals and objectives of the SuSanA and communicate the sustainable sanitation approach and related sustainability criteria to a broader public.

Apr. 2007 (Duebendorf, No. 2)

During a second meeting that took place mid of April 2007, the goal and the objectives of this global competence network were clarified and the joint road map was reviewed. In order to have a unified label for the planned activities, and to be able to align with other potential initiatives, the group formed the “Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA)” and had planned - among other activities - to establish a variety of thematic working groups to elaborate publications on different sustainable sanitation issues and to link them with adjacent areas and other MDG’s.

Jan. 2007 (Eschborn, No. 1)

In January 2007, a first meeting resulted in a large number of commitments by the participants from various organisations, and in drawing up a first draft of a “joint road map for the promotion of sustainable sanitation within the IYS 2008”.


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