SuSanA meetings in 2008

Nov. 2008 (Macao, No. 8)

The SuSanA meeting was held on three days following the programme of the World Toilet Summit.


Aug. 2008 (Stockholm, No. 7)

On the 1st day (Friday) a joint plenary took place focussing on the SuSanA vision documents and on bringing newcomers (about one third of the attendees) up to speed with the SuSanA process. On the 2nd day (Saturday) several working groups met in the morning. In the afternoon all working groups gave a brief presentation on their current state, first results and the way forward. The 3rd day (Sunday) focussed on communication aspects and the current and future structure of the SuSanA.

May 2008 (New York, No. 6)

Main focus of the meeting was the detailed discussion on the activities of the joint road map of the SuSanA. On the first day of the meeting (Tuesday, May 6th 2008) the current state and progress of the different thematic SuSanA working groups was discussed, with emphasis on their aimed products, time frame and further proceeding. In addition future options for the organisational structure of the SuSanA were discussed as well. On the second day (Wednesday, May 7th 2008) the three SuSanA vision documents were discussed, focussing particularly on the progress of the 2nd vision document ‘sustainable pathways to attain the sanitation MDGs’. Furthermore a half-day-workshop on “financing sustainable sanitation” took place. This document follows the chronological structure of the meeting (see agenda) and summarises statements, results and commitments of the different partners.

Feb. 2008 (Durban, No. 5)

At the 5th SuSanA meeting in February 2008 in Durban, South Africa the progress of the different thematic SuSanA working groups was discussed, with emphasis on first results, proposed deliverables, terms of references and potential partners. An in-depth discussion on the 3 SuSanA vision documents, funding aspects, the joint database, planned UN activities during the International Year of Sanitation 2008 and other upcoming events took place. Several SuSanA working group meetings were held. After the official SuSanA meeting a side-event of the AfricanSan+5 took place which was co-hosted by SuSanA. In addition a study tour to a large-scale sustainable sanitation project (eThekwini) was organised.


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