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Core group
Core Group Members
The following people are members of the SuSanA core group, to see their organisation hover with the cursor over thier photo:

Andrea Nick
Arne Panesar

Arno Rosemarin
Belinda Abrahams
Carol McCreary
Charles Niwagaba
Chris Zurbrugg
Christoph Lüthi
Claudia Wendland
Darren Saywell

David Crosweller
Dorothee Spuhler

Elisabeth v. Münch
Gina Itchon
Günter Langergraber
Jack Sim
Jan Spit
Jennifer Green
Jonathan Parkinson
Karl Lellouche
Leif Wolf
Madeleine Fogde
Rahul Ingle
Robert Gensch
Roland Schertenleib

Stefan Reuter
Therese Dooley

Thilo Panzerbeiter
Vishwanath Zenrainman

Core group call 10 (Jan. 2014)
A SuSanA core group call took place on the 31 January 2014.

31 Jan. 2014 Meeting Minutes of core group call


1. Seminar proposals with SuSanA participation for Stockholm World Water Week 2014
1-1 Seminar-proposal-Sanitation-at-the-centre-of-the-water-energy-food-security-nexus
1-2 Seminar-proposal-How-Integrated-Business-Models-Based-on-the-Sanitation-Value-Chain-Contribute-to-More-Sustainable-Water-Food-and-Energy
1-3 Seminar-proposal-New-Concepts-and-Technologies-for-Sanitation-in-Emergency-Settings

2 draft-Core-group-gallery-screenshot

3 Overview-Sanitation-Events-in-2014

4 Overview-of-BMGF-concept-note

Draft roadmap workshop in Willisau (June 2013)
In June 2013 a think tank made up of Core group members and members of the SuSanA secretariat met in Willisau for a one and half day workshop to discuss in detail the elements that needed to be drafted into the draft SuSanA joint roadmap 2014 to 2018 - towards more sustainable sanitation systems.
Core group and key stakeholder meeting in Eschborn (April 2013)

Core group meeting 9 by skype conference call (Dec. 2012)
Download minutes of the core group meeting

Download Appendix 1: Agenda comments and questions

Download Appendix 2a: UNDG Post 2015 Brief on Global Dialogue

Download Appendix 2b: How to get engaged in the thematic consultation on water

Download Appendix 2c: Technical note: Subsonsultations

Download Appendix 2d: Minutes of TF meeting on post 2015 target settings
Core group meeting 8 a skype call prior to the 16th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm (Aug. 2012)
Download minutes of the core group meeting
Core group meeting 7 at 14th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm (Aug. 2011)
Download minutes of the core group meeting
Core group meeting 6 by skype conference call (July 2011)
Download minutes of the core group meeting
Core group meeting 5 by skype conference call (Nov. 2010)
Download minutes of SuSanA core group meeting

SuSanA - Strategy for the next phase (short version) prepared by Belinda Abraham

SuSanA - Future strategy proposal prepared by Belinda Abraham
Core group meeting 4 at 12th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm (Sept. 2010)
Download minutes of SuSanA core group meeting
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