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WG 1 - Capacity development

WG 1 Introduction
The backlog in sanitation normally refers to the low coverage of sanitation infrastructure, but is also rooted in the huge lack of capacity at all levels. Thus, capacity development for more sustainable practices in sanitation is urgently needed especially due to the system complexity resulting from the many sectors and authority levels involved. The potential benefits of sustainable sanitation systems in terms of health, improved livelihood, environmental protection, water savings, simplicity, nutrient recovery and energy savings need to be conveyed to all stakeholders.
The lead for this working group is Dorothee Spuhler:
Dorothee Spuhler - Working Group 01  
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  • You can work with other experts on several issues to promote sustainable sanitation
  • You will gain access to information on working group processes
  • You can be active by hosting SuSanA meetings and/or by organising activities/events to promote sustainable sanitation
  • You can join and take part in stimulating discussions on the SuSanA Discussion Forum in the WG 1 section
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