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WG 2 - Finance and economics

WG 2 Introduction
Finance and economics play a key role in the selection and sustainability of sanitation systems. Despite their significance, many sanitation systems are planned without a thorough understanding of these issues; partly due to the inherent complexities involved in the analyses and partly due to insufficient knowledge of the planners.
The lead for this working group is Jonathan Parkinson :
Jonathan Parkinson - WG 02  
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Independent Consultant
United Kingdom
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  • You can work with other experts on several issues to promote sustainable sanitation
  • You will gain access to information on working group processes
  • You can be active by hosting SuSanA meetings and/or by organising activities/events to promote sustainable sanitation
  • You can join and take part in stimulating discussions on the SuSanA Discussion Forum in the WG 2 section
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