Presentations of WG 10

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Presentation of the 14th meeting

About WG 10 on operation and maintenance and introduction to the CLARA project (pdf) or (ppt)
Günter Langergraber, BOKU, Austria

Reporting back from WG 10 - operation and maintenance (pdf) or (ppt)
Günter Langergraber, BOKU, Austria

Presentation of the 13th meeting

Working group update (pdf) or (ppt)
Christian Rieck, GIZ, Germany

Sustainable sanitation: the Drive to 2015 (pdf) or (ppt)
Nicole Kranz, UNSGAB, Germany/USA

Presentation of the 12th meeting

WG 10 - Operation and Maintenance of sustainable sanitation
Günter Langergraber, BOKU University Vienna, Austria

Presentation of the 11th meeting

Working Group 11 Operation and Maintenance of Sustainable Sanitation (English)
Paula Loureiro Paulo, UFMS

Presentation of the 10th meeting

Working Group 10: Operation and Maintenance of Sustainble Sanitation
Günter Langergraber, BOKU

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