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SuSanA news mail (March 2010)

This text has been sent to SuSanA partner organisations, working group members and mailing list subscribers per mail on April 1.

Dear SuSanA partners, members and mailing list subscribers,

This mail contains following content:

1. Sneak preview of the 11th SuSanA meeting in Rio (using web 2.0 tools)
2. SuSanA website improvements; newsletters, job offers and publications
3. Announcement for WASH United campaign
4. Changes in the SuSanA – ecosan team
5. SuSanA Facebook fan page now 250 fans

This mail is also available as pdf document: click here for download


1 Sneak preview of the 11th SuSanA meeting (using web 2.0 tools)

The eleventh SuSanA meeting was jointly organised by UN Habitat, ABES/AIDIS, SEI and GTZ and successfully took place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) from March 19 to 21. Detailed minutes of the meeting will be sent soon. Around 50 of the participants also took part in the World’s Longest Toilet Queue emphasising the importance of sanitation in the water sector on World Water Day.

A high-level political dialogue on 'Sanitation, Wastewater and Solid Waste Management: Linking the issues for a liveable city' was organised at the World Urban Forum in Rio (co-hosted by SuSanA) and a small SuSanA side event took place at the LatinoSan in Foz de Iguacu on March 17.

We have attempted to make these events also accessible in a virtual manner, by using the modern web 2.0 tools of twitter, facebook and flickr (a video will also be available shortly):

First impressions from these events are available here:

- Live tweeds of two of the events on the SuSanA Twitter account: http://twitter.com/2010susana

- Short postings about the SuSanA meeting on the SuSanA Facebook account: http://tiny.cc/svgbh

- Photos from the SuSanA meeting on flickr: http://tiny.cc/u5c90

2. SuSanA website improvements: newsletters, job offers and publications

You can bring your newsletter to the attention of more people by placing a link to it in this section: http://www.susana.org/lang-en/publications/partners-newsletters

We have opened a job section, where job openings from SuSanA members can be advertised: http://www.susana.org/lang-en/news/jobs

We have also uploaded new presentations from conferences in 2010 related to sustainable sanitation: http://www.susana.org/lang-en/publications/conference-and-seminar-presentations1 

Further we provide links to databases with publications from other organisations: http://www.susana.org/lang-en/publications/other-databases

Please help us to provide more materials in languages other than English by contributing to the compilation of relevant literature in various languages: http://www.susana.org/lang-en/publications/by-language

Feel very welcome to send us job openings within your organisation, links to your newsletters, publications in other languages and further interesting literature databases.

3. WASH United – promotes Water and Sanitation with the power of football

WASH United is an innovative new initiative based on the common vision of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) for all, the vision of every man, woman and child enjoying their fundamental human right to water and sanitation. WASH United has convinced top football stars such as Stephen Appiah (captain of the Ghanaian National Team), Bastian Schweinsteiger and Michael Ballack (both German Internationals) and many other stars to promote the human right to water and sanitation.

Thereby WASH United functions as a communication and resource platform. It is a club with members subscribing to the vision of WASH United and is open to anyone: football stars, politicians, celebrities, individuals and individuals who are interested to promote hygiene activities via football in developing countries.

If you are interested to use the material with football stars in your ongoing work (e.g. poster campaign or World Cup events as public viewing/screening with water and sanitation material), please contact Thomas Levin under Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spambots. Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla .

For further information click here: www.wash-united.org


4. Changes in the SuSanA ecosan Team

Arne Panesar – an active member of the SuSanA core group and lead of the working group on cities -  is leaving the SuSanA core group and is instead taking over a new position in GTZ-Eschborn (as a GTZ-country-manager for India). We thank him very much for what he has done in building up the SuSanA-network and in getting sustainable sanitation / ecosan much higher up on the political agenda. We will miss him but wish him full success in his new position! GTZ is now looking for a person that can contribute with a similar spirit to the ongoing work in SuSanA. Hence, a job is advertised on the GTZ website (http://tiny.cc/h5ujr - please check the tickmark for positions in the water section) – note: this job is only suitable for applicants fluent in German. Deadline for applications is 6 April.

5. SuSanA Facebook fan page now with 250 fans

We are seeing a steady increase in fans on our new SuSanA facebook fan page (currently 250 fans). With short daily status updates we provide you with information snippets on activities of the SuSanA secretariat, website and news. We also enable fans to easily comment and provide feedback. To join, click http://tiny.cc/svgbh

We wish you Happy Easter (for those who celebrate it),
Steffen Blume, Rahul Ingle and Elisabeth von Muench
on behalf of the SuSanA Secretariat

SuSanA Partners
(currently 231 partners)