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GWA (Gender and Water Alliance)

GWA is an open international network of more than 2200 members - including 680 organisations - from over 125 countries (July 2013). Members are active in water and environment, and have different levels of expertise but are all interested in linking the social with the technical aspects, taking into account the diversity of people and the specific knowledge, interests and tasks of women worldwide. GWA is an autonomous organization that supports mainstreaming of gender in integrated water management, driven by demand. GWA’s mission is to promote women’s and men’s equitable access to and control over safe and adequate water, for domestic supply, sanitation, food security and environmental sustainability. GWA believes that water and sanitation are basic rights for all, as well as critical in fighting poverty and for sustainability. GWA has developed various methodologies to serve partner organisations in their attempts to be efficient and effective, taking the interest and knowledge of users into account.


P.O. Box 114
6950 AC Dieren


Joke Muylwijk


+31 313 427230


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