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Sulabh International - Social Service Organisation

The Sulabh International Social Service Organisation is the only nationally and internationally acclaimed agengy working in the sanitation sector. VISION of the NGO A healthy and hygienic India, free of the practice of defecation in the open and faecal pollution of environment. A society free of untouchability, social discrimination and prevalence of the sub-human practice of manual cleaning of human excreta (scavenging). MISSION of the NGO To educate and motivate the people, sensitize policy makers and functionaries and promote activities and programmes of the Govt. and as well as the people, to achieve Sulabh’s vision in the foreseeable future.


Mahavir Enclave Palam-Dabri Road
110045 New Delhi


Anil Singh, Sateyendra Tripathi


(+91) 011 25031518, (+91) 011 25032617


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