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ttz Bremerhaven (Technology Transfer Centrum Bremerhaven)

ttz Bremerhaven is an innovative provider of research services and operates in the field of application-oriented research and development worldwide. Under the umbrella of ttz Bremerhaven, an international team of experts is working in the areas of food, environment and health. Founded in 1987, ttz Bremerhaven has experienced a process of continuous development and expansion: Today, they operate as an international team with some 100 experts from a variety of disciplines (food technologists and biotechnologists, ecotrophologists, environmental and process engineers, landscape planners, sanitation experts, etc.) in Bremerhaven, Germany.


Fischkai 1
27572 Bremerhaven


Mirko Haenel


+ 49 (0) 471 4832-123


Education / Research

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