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WTN (Wherever the Need)

Wherever the Need is a UK charity offering a new look at giving and supporting. Our aim is a holistic approach to the provision and use of eco-sanitation toilets and clean water, which we believe to be vital to the good health of both people and the planet. Once these fundamentals are in place, our focus is the development of sustainable livelihoods. It is our priority to implement projects that will directly benefit individuals over the long-term in the most efficient way possible (‘direct action’). This enables sponsors of the charity to respond specifically to the needs of local people (rather than indirectly through Governmental or large Non-Governmental Organisations) thus enabling, where wished, a connection to be established between those making the donation and those benefiting from it. In tandem with the provision of sanitation, water and livelihoods, WTN has responded to the building of houses and community centres in areas stricken by disaster. All projects are approached in the most environmentally sensitive manner possible to further the Trustee’s aim to safeguard the planet.


Limpley Mill, 1 Lower Stoke, Limpley Stoke,
BA2 7FJ Bath


David Crosweller


01225 723673


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