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WSA (Water and Sanitation for Africa)

Water and Sanitation for Africa (WSA), formerly known as CREPA is the French name of the Organisation Eau et Assainissement pour l’Afrique (EAA). WSA/EAA is a Pan-African Intergovernmental Agency devoted to increasing accelerated access to water and sanitation for vulnerable populations in Africa with a vision of: ‘Water and Sanitation for all, forever in a prosperous Africa”. WSA/EAA is an interstate not-for-profit organization, which was established 22 years ago. It currently operates in 23 West and Central African countries with its headquarters located in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. It is a uniquely African organization that is devoted to seeking homegrown solutions to the Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) challenges on the continent. Our mandate is to support member states in developing and implementing their respective national agendas for sanitation, hygiene and water supply. WSA/EAA’s demand driven approach to service delivery is centered on research, capacity building, advocacy and policy influence to benefit poor and marginalized communities with equitable access to sustainable safe water and sanitation.


Siege 03
7112 Ouagadougou


Idrissa Doucoure


+226 50 36 62 10/11


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